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Our history

In the year 1670, as there was neither church nor school in Thierbach, and the few inhabitants were either farmers or silver miners, the former "Gut Soler" was rebuilt and remains til today a farm and guesthouse.

For 160 years the Sollererwirt has been owned by the family Moser.

1809, as Andreas Hofer and his entourage were defending the country from Napoleon and the Bavarians,  his comrad Major Josef Speckbacher, while sitting at the green folding table in the Sollererwirt inn, composed a desperate appeal to all farmers. They should take up all available tools like scyths, flails etc. and do their best to offer resistance.  The table as well as a copy of the appeal are on display in the 'Speckbacherstube' restaurant.

Our farm animals

Organic farm holiday

Grazing in the lush fields surrounding the organic farm, the cows, chickens and alpacas are happy and healthy. Especially our little guests are involved, observing and even helping with the work on the farm the whole day.

Our cows turn the grasses and herbs growing up here on 1200m into the best organic milk and you can take part in a guided walk with our four alpacas (reservation necessary) through the picturesque mountain village.


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